Developed by veterinarian experts, SteriHoof is truly a breakthrough in equine hoof care every horse owner should have in their tack room.

Many standard hoof treatments have some painful side effects which can burn sensitive skin, emit fumes and cause adverse reactions. That’s why veterinarian scientists developed SteriHoof – the first hoof treatment that kills 99% of infection causing germs without burning.


“If you take horses with foot problems such as recurrent infections, abscessing, thin soles, bruising, etc. and put them on a high fiber, low sugar diet, those foot problems tend to get better – often dramatically so. All my colleagues are seeing this effect time and again.” – Richard Vialls, Equine Podiatrist


A horse that is constantly loosing it’s shoes, is a horse that is probably suffering from rampant white line disease. If the bottom of the hoof is rotting, the nails won’t hold.

A good diet for your horse (high fiber and low sugar), and the use of SteriHoof can help improve the health of your horse’s hooves in a relatively short amount of time.


“A sound horse is one that will trot up with a good stride length and correct movement on smooth tarmac or concrete with the shoes pulled. If the horse isn’t 100% sound with the shoes off, putting a set of shoes on is NOT going to make that horse sound, all it’ll do is mask the problem.” – Richard Vialls., Equine Podiatrist

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