White Line Disease in the Horse Hoof

What is white line disease?  You might guess that it’s some sort of hoof issue that involves the white line of your horse’s hoof.  Well, sort of.  Technically, white line disease resides between the stratum medium and the laminar horn of the hoof...

The Basics About Thrush In Your Horse’s Hooves

What is thrush?  Thrush is a bacterial infection of the hoof, most commonly seen in the sulci (or grooves) and frog area.  The bacteria is anaerobic, so it lives without oxygen, which makes your horse’s hoof the perfect spot for thrush. Advanced cases can...

The best ways to apply hoof medications!

Most horses, at some point in their lives, will need some sort of hoof medicine. Perhaps it is thrush or white line disease, or you need to dress an abscess.  Here are a few simple steps to making sure your horse’s hoof gets the meds it needs, in the right...

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